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Our customized solution provides greater simplicity and convenience than traditional vision care plans, by offering:

  • Access to onsite comprehensive eye exams, glasses/contacts and labs without having to leave the office.
  • Completing a detailed ergonomic assessment and recommendation of employee’s workstation.
  • Full-service onsite/online optical shop that provides the best eye care and eyewear, where and when they need it.
  • Specialized team of expert doctors who are available 24/7 through our ONLINE (REMOTE) Telemedicine website.
  • We provide (2) PAIRS OF GLASSES for PRICE of ONE! (One for the worksite and one for personal use at no additional cost).
With Insurance
(Individual Cost Includes
up to $170 Annual Premiums Paid)
Without Insurance Tele20/20
(Employee or
Employer Costs of $169 Annually)
Eye Exam $10-$20 Copay *$119 INCLUDED
Eyewear $10-$25 Copay * $196 INCLUDED
Computer Performance Eyewear (Rx Included) N/A N/A INCLUDED
Safety Performance Eyewear (Rx Included) Starting at $110
*or no coverage
Starting at $110 INCLUDED
Sunglass Performance Eyewear (Rx Included) Starting at $110 Starting at $110 INCLUDED
Visual Ergonomics N/A N/A INCLUDED
Specialist Chart Evaluation $40-$50 Copay Starting at $150 INCLUDED
On-Site Eye Exams, Ergonomics, Eyewear N/A N/A INCLUDED
Total Costs $340.00+ $575.00 $169.00