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Frequently Asked Question…

Proven experience in providing the right solution to meet the changing and digital needs of today’s companies.        
No annual premiums or co-pays. We provide 100% onsite vision care services, online access to 1000’s brand name frames and 24/7 Telemedicine care with online/telephone access to expert doctors.
Tele2020 provides an Optometrist for each onsite event along with our team of exam, eyewear and lab specialists.
Up to $169 per employee for 2 PAIRS of Eyewear: work performance and personal.
Increased productivity, work performance and profit. And, decreased absenteeism and time away from the office.
90%+ same day delivery with our onsite lab. We guarantee 10-day TAT for complex Rx.
Yes! And for companies who do not offer an MVC supplemental benefit, we accept all modes of payment including employer subsidy.
Yes! On-Site and Online vision care that provides a better, more cost effective experience.
No eligibility required – eye exam, eyewear and worksite assessment included.